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Truck Technology

Because we strive for perfection, Virginia Transportation Corporation embraces the newest, most creative trucking technology available in the auto-hauling industry. Empowering services with cutting-edge technology is an essential company policy as we strive for accuracy and efficiency in everything we do.

Our carriers are equipped with the latest GPS technology that communicates with our service office teams. This technology allows for real-time customer status reports on shippable vehicles, planned inbound vehicles, and vehicles currently en route to their destination.

Here at Virginia Transportation Corporation, we employ global vehicle logistics know-how to the automotive industry in the United States and Canada. We offer a wide range of affordable, safe, and efficient services through the use of the latest auto-hauling and trucking technology.

We use the cutting edge products and services of EveryFleet including GPS tracking of our equipment and drivers accurate hours to run our business safely and efficiently. Information is exchanged real time with our central operating system to improve operations and customer service.

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We leverage video technology powered by AI to protect our most important assets: our employees. We capture and address safety risks in real-time across our operations. We also rely on real-time feedback for drivers to improve habits while on the road.